The Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation

The Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation (HPPF), a non-profit organization, was established in 1968 to receive donations for developing 22 acres of donated land into a viable and usable park. The park is and always has been funded entirely by donations.

The fundraising arm of the HPPF is the Friends of Holbrook-Palmer Park (originally known as The Atherton Dames). Through their numerous fundraising events, the Friends of Holbrook-Palmer Park has been instrumental in the building of the Jennings Pavilion, the Arts and Crafts Center, and the renovation of the Main House, the partial restoration of the Carriage House, the new foot-bridge, and on-going landscaping in keeping with the park’s Master Plan. The gates, North Meadow, roads, parking areas, tennis courts and one-mile jogging path were financed from funds raised by private donations through the Foundation.

The purpose of the HPPF is to fund and sponsor activities to enhance use of the park by Atherton residents, as well as to fund and sponsor other charitable and educational activities to promote awareness of the park.

The HPPF is concentrating on increasing its membership to include a wider and more diverse group of residents and friends. They encourage new ideas and more participation from many talented and fun individuals to realize, at the park, a truly friendly community center in the heart of Atherton.

Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation fund raising event Swing in the Park
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